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From my broad shoulders, all the way down to the tip of my size 11 feet.
Every detail about my body implies something.
From my square chin to my lengthy legs.
Every inch of my body implies something.
From my flat chest to the occasional stubble upon the edge of my cheek.
Every part of my body implies something.

Or at least… it was supposed to.

But time and time again, I have proven otherwise.

One can not choose the body in which they are born.
But one can choose to take care of and style their body in a way that expresses who they are. The unfortunate part is that the mass majority is to busy chasing after beauty standards.
Beauty standards that are constructed upon a gendered norm, of course.

Some tell me that I need to stop whining about it. They say that I’m just the odd ball and that the industry can’t recognize all the weird ones. They say I’m just the 1 out of 1,000,000. They say that clothes need to be gendered so that the people of society can understand the difference between the two genders. And to those of you who agree, I say that you’re missing the point.

Having two binary genders, complete with a separate social standard for each of the two binary genders, has lead our society to believe that there is a difference between the two, and there is not.

The broadness of your shoulder or the size of your feet does not determine your gender.
Your gender identity does not determine your place or role in society.
The shape of your chin or the length of your legs does not determine your gender.
Your gender identity does not determine your place or role in society.
The size of the breast on your chest or the amount of hair on your face does not determine your gender.
Your gender identity does not determine your place or role in society.
Am I being clear?

Be who you are.
Be yourself.
Be you.

I don’t know how else to put it.

-Elliott Alexzander

you are gorgeous and i am jealous


Sending a big “FU” to the corporate side of the fashion industry.

As an increasingly successful fashion blogger, I have been targeted by several brands, large & small, one of which is quite a large corporation.
Because I am undermining a very important part of their money making system.

Today, the fashion industry is split in half.
You have Women’s fashion & Men’s fashion.
You will find designers here and there who produce androgynous designs but for the most part, the industry (brands & corporate companies) want designers who either design Men’s wear or Women’s wear, and follow a very gendered structure. Everything from the tailoring to the materials has to be specific to the binary boy/girl gender system.
This is why you can’t find feminine style’s of clothing tailored for the average males body type in any department store, thus creating a “mens” & “women’s” division.

Every time I modify the clothing I buy in department stores to fit my body type and then model it for people to see, not only am I inspiring people to step out of the box with their fashion choices, but I am merging two markets into one.
Why is this bad for corporations?
More markets equal more advertising and marketing opportunities which ultimately leads to more sales and more profit.

When I successfully inspire people to be less mindful about if they look like a girl or a boy, ultimately I am inspiring them to go against the gendered market system that brands and clothing companies make so much money off of.

I have received several hateful emails, discouraging my efforts as a fashion blogger. I was even asked by a large corporate clothing company to STOP buying their clothing and modifying it to fit my body type. They stated that by doing so, and sharing it with my audience that I was creating the illusion that gender did not exist, and that I am leading a bad example for society. …



FUCK YOU, to any clothing brand, company & corporation who’s got a problem with who I am, what I believe in & how I express myself.

-Elliott Alexzander

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